Acoustic Metal Access Panels (Rw51)

Trafalgar Access Rw51 Metal Acoustic Access Panels are manufactured in Australia and have been designed for use where there is a noise transmission issue.  They are used where convenient access is required into walls and ceilings where an acoustic rating is necessary.  

Trafalgar Access Rw51 panels have been independently tested and achieve a superior rating of Rw51 in suitable openings.

  • High performance sound containment properties – Acoustic Rating Rw 54 (+/-3dB)
  • Compact functional design
  • Simple installation
  • Available in wet wall (set bead) or flanged edge frame
  • Key lock option available
  • For use in a wide range of applications where noise transmission needs to be minimised, including hotels, education, government, medical, offices, residential and commercial buildings
  • Australian Made
  • Custom made to any size up to 600x600

Trafalgar Access specialise in manufacturing large CUSTOM SIZE access panels with varying hinge, lock and finish options to meet architectural specifications.

Australian Made and Owned

Acoustic Metal Access Panels (Rw51) Options

Frame Type

Flanged Edge (FE)


Wet Wall (WW)


White - standard


Grey - optional


Stainless Steel - optional

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