Air Conditioning Access Fix: Case Study

Trafalgar Access Case Study of a Custom designed and Metal Access Panel to suit a difficult Air Conditioning access problem


Access to Air Conditioning units in ceiling.

The Challenge

  • No easy access to air conditioning units

An apartment block in Surry Hills with 100 apartments did not have easy access to conduct repairs on air conditioning units. 

  • Repairs disruptive & expensive

Cutting out a hole in the ceiling to access the air conditioning units each time repairs needed to be done was an expensive and messy process, which was disruptive to tenants.

  • Bespoke solution required

Strata engaged John Nasser to source and retrofit metal access panels in each unit to resolve this issue. The access panels needed to be larger than the air conditioning units and be aesthetically pleasing.

What did we do?

  • John Nasser approached several manufacturers and engaged Trafalgar, because of the ‘Can-Do’ approach of the team.
  • Trafalgar manufactured custom-sized double door metal access panels with one hinged door and one sliding door, with cam locks and safety chains. 
  • Due to the large volume of access panels required and the required colour is one of Trafalgar’s stock colours, Trafalgar was able to powder coat the access panels, creating time and cost efficiencies.
  • The custom metal access panels were completed in the 10 days lead time and delivered ready for the install to the site.
  • Custom Metal Access Panel (APM)
  • Custom sizes:

    • 957mm x 1210mm 
    • 894mm x1115mm
  • Designed for easy install
  • White primed steel frame and panel
  • Durable interchangeable cam locks 
  • Flange options 
  • Lock options 
  • Made locally & fully customisable