1. What products does Trafalgar Access offer?

Trafalgar Access offers a wide range of access panels, including fire-rated, acoustic, airtight, security, tileable, and wood/MDF panels for various applications in ceilings, walls, and service shafts.

2. Are Trafalgar Access panels made in Australia?

Yes, all Trafalgar Access panels are proudly manufactured in Australia, ensuring high quality and compliance with local standards.

3. What is the purpose of fire-rated access panels?

Fire-rated access panels are designed to provide access to building services while maintaining the fire resistance of walls and ceilings, offering fire ratings from 1 hour to 4 hours.

4. How do acoustic access panels work?

Acoustic access panels are designed to provide soundproof access points, helping to maintain the acoustic integrity of walls and ceilings in buildings where noise reduction is critical.

5. What are airtight access panels used for?

Airtight access panels are used in cleanrooms, laboratories, and other controlled environments where maintaining a dustproof and low air leakage rate is essential.

6. What makes tileable access panels unique?

Tileable access panels are designed to seamlessly integrate into tiled surfaces, making them ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and other wet areas where aesthetic continuity is important.

7. Where are security access panels typically installed?

Security access panels are installed in high-security environments such as detention centers, correctional facilities, government installations, and hospitals to prevent unauthorized access.

8. Can Trafalgar Access panels be customised?

Yes, Trafalgar Access offers custom solutions, including oversized panels, upward opening panels, and panels with specialized finishes to meet specific project requirements.

9. What are the benefits of using metal access panels?

Metal access panels provide durable and discreet access to building services, with options for various hinge and lock configurations to meet architectural specifications.

10. How are Trafalgar’s wood/MDF access panels different?

Wood/MDF access panels offer an aesthetically pleasing solution for access needs while maintaining the style of the building, suitable for use in walls, ceilings, and service shafts.

11. What is the installation process for Trafalgar access panels?

Trafalgar access panels are designed for easy installation with comprehensive technical manuals and support available to ensure proper fitting and compliance with building standards.

12. Are Trafalgar Access panels compliant with the National Construction Code (NCC)?

Yes, all Trafalgar Access panels are tested and certified to meet the requirements of the NCC, ensuring compliance and safety in various applications.

13. How do invisible latch access panels work?

Invisible latch access panels use a touch latch mechanism that allows the panel to blend seamlessly with its surroundings, providing a clean and modern look without visible hardware.

14. What types of environments require airtight access panels?

Airtight access panels are essential in environments such as cleanrooms, laboratories, pharmaceutical facilities, and other controlled spaces where air leakage must be minimized.

15. What is the lead time for ordering custom access panels?

Lead times for custom access panels vary based on the complexity and specifications of the order. Contact Trafalgar Access for detailed information on custom orders and timelines.

16. Can access panels be used in both residential and commercial buildings?

Yes, Trafalgar Access panels are suitable for use in both residential and commercial buildings, providing versatile solutions for various access needs.

17. How does Trafalgar ensure the quality of its access panels?

Trafalgar ensures quality through rigorous testing, adherence to Australian manufacturing standards, and continuous innovation in access panel design and functionality.

18. What are the advantages of using round access panels?

Round access panels provide unique aesthetic options and are suitable for specialized applications where a round opening is required for functional or design reasons.

19. What is the role of service shaft access panels?

Service shaft access panels provide efficient access to building services within shafts, allowing for maintenance and inspection with minimal disruption to the surrounding structure.

20. Where can I find technical resources and installation guides for Trafalgar Access panels?

Technical manuals, installation guides, and other resources for all Trafalgar Access products are available on the website’s Knowledge Centre, ensuring you have the necessary information for proper installation and use.

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