Touch Latch Metal Access Panels (TLM)

Trafalgar specialise in manufacturing large CUSTOM SIZE access panels with varying hinge, lock and finish options to meet architectural specifications.

Trafalgar Touch Latch Metal Access Panels are manufactured in Australia and feature concealed touch latches, a non-lockable yet secure feature that provides for a uniform look, in which the latching mechanism is completely hidden from view.  Trafalgar TLM panels are constructed using a pre-primed white steel door and frame and provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.  A stainless steel option is also available.

  • Dual concealed touch latches.
  • Concealed pin hinges.
  • Stainless steel option available.
  • Touch Latch Metal Access Panels (TLM)

Touch Latch Metal Access Panels (TLM) Options

Frame Type

Flanged Edge (FE)


Wet Wall (WW)

Lock Options

Touch Latch

Panel Options

White - standard


Grey - optional


Stainless Steel - optional

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