Touch Latch Metal Access Panels


Trafalgar Access Touch Latch Metal Access Panels are manufactured in Australia and feature concealed touch latches, a non-lockable yet secure feature that provides for a uniform look, in which the latching mechanism is completely hidden from view.  Trafalgar Access TLM panels are constructed using a pre-primed white steel door and frame and provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.  A stainless steel option is also available.

  • Proudly made in Australia & backed by Trafalgar.
  • Fast, clean and smart installation – our panels are nominally sized; cut the hole to the panel size for easy fit.
  • Panel door and frame primed white, with touch latch lock.
  • Pre-primed steel. White as standard. Grey optional. Stainless steel optional.
  • Dual concealed touch latches.
  • Exposed piano hinge on larger sizes.
  • Touch Latch Metal Access Panels (TLM)

Quantity discounts apply. Contact the Trafalgar Access team
on 1800 888 714 or submit a quote request for more details.

Touch Latch Metal Access Panel Range Technical Manual