Custom Security Access Panel: Case Study


Alfred Health contacted us about a specialty Access Panel for their Hyperbaric Chamber in the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne. A lot of detail was required in order to create a solution to meet their exact requirements, and Trafalgar Access was happy to help. 

With an innovation team and factory based in Sydney, we were able to work together with Alfred Health to create a perfect custom solution in a reasonable time frame.

The Challenge

  • Precise Fit
    Alfred Health was in need of a custom Access Panel for their Hyperbaric Chamber.
    The panel needed to fit between steel beams running behind the wall and required
    a precise fit where all door cut-outs needed to match up.
  • Security
    The Access Panel needed to include a secure lock option to fit the needs of Alfred
    Health and meet architectural specifications

The Delivery

  • Trafalgar Access provided Alfred Health with a technical drawing detailing the
    measurements of the door to fit within the allocated space.
  • Alfred Health provided us with a drawing of the door cut-out dimensions and their
    preferred lock location.
  • Alfred Health was also doing their own door cut-out plate to fit on the front of the
    Access Panel for their own labelling purposes and to provide additional strength.
  • Both parties’ cut-outs fit exactly as designed – “fits like a glove.”
  • We were able to meet the security needs of Alfred Health by providing a lock designed for use where there is a need to provide both security and access.