How to Choose the Right Access Panels for Your Property

Access panels are an essential feature of a vast array of residential and commercial establishments. These panels facilitate access to fundamental utilities such as electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, as well as storage compartments and crawl spaces. The process of selecting an access panel is of paramount importance, requiring the selection of a superior product that is resilient, user-friendly, and secure.

At Trafalgar Access, we are devoted to providing our clients with products that cater to their individual requirements. Our broad range of options caters to the distinct specifications of every establishment. Whether you require a hinged, removable, or concealed panels, we have a solution that meets your specific needs.

Quality Access Panels

Quality is one of the key benefits of choosing Trafalgar Access. Access panels should be tough, secure, and user-friendly, which is why we utilise only the finest quality materials and manufacturing techniques. Our products are made from high-grade materials designed to provide long-lasting durability, ensuring that your investment is worthwhile for years to come.

Expert Guidance and Service

In addition to our dedication to quality, we also prioritise customer satisfaction. Choosing the ideal solution may be a daunting task, but our team of experts is always available to assist. We can provide guidance on the perfect panel for your establishment, as well as address any questions you may have regarding installation, upkeep, and other concerns.

Reasonably Priced

Trafalgar Access believes that any access solution should be reasonably priced without sacrificing quality. We offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our products. Our belief is that everyone should have access to high-quality products, regardless of their budget.

Versatile Range for Every Need

We take pride in providing a diverse selection of solutions to suit any requirement. Our hinged panels are ideal for areas that require frequent access, such as electrical panels or plumbing systems. They can be quickly opened and closed, providing swift and straightforward access to critical systems.


Our concealed  panels offer a more understated solution for those seeking privacy. These panels are designed to blend in seamlessly with your walls or ceilings, offering easy access to storage areas or crawl spaces without detracting from the aesthetic appearance of your establishment

To conclude, access hatches, doors and panels are an integral component of any residential or commercial establishment. It is imperative to select the appropriate solution for your establishment. Trafalgar Access is committed to providing high-quality panels at affordable prices. With our extensive selection and focus on quality and customer service, we are confident that we can assist you in finding the ideal panel for your establishment.

Contact us today to discover more about our range of access panels and how we can assist you in finding the perfect solution for your next project.